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Better than Myself is an artistic practice based on a friendship between choreographers Maya Weinberg, Roni Katz, and Lee Méir,. In our resumé as artists and friends living and working in Berlin, we shared spaces and infiltrated each others practices as co/choreographers, performers, teachers, dramaturgs, curators, costume designers, thinkers, writers, dreamers and more. We like to think of our togetherness as an island of solidarity, a recharging force that creates stability and movement, that fills us with joy, comfort and inspiration, and offers support in times of crisis. During a residency in ausland Berlin in March 2021, We developed a playful practice for getting to know ourselves through and by meeting the others composed from a stream of monologues, songs, stories, dances, and interviews. The practice is based on sharing fragments from our daily lives, biographies and histories and collectivizing them in a way that blurs authorship and ownership. The content is what we have in common, know and don’t know about one another and ourselves, our everyday banalities, fears and desires alongside our deepest contemplations and life aspirations. The practice functions as a condensed capsule of time and space and creates connections and disruptions between the personal and the collective. What is produced is a collection of our many selves through the eyes of the other. Do you know me better than I know myself? We would like to think about our friendship as a subversive ecosystem within the capitalistic structures we operate in.


With and By:  Maya Weinberg, Roni Katz, and Lee Méir.

The work was supported by Residenzenstipendium, ausland Berlin 2021, DisTanzen solo 2021, Recherche Stipendium - Senate Berlin. 2021

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