The Extended Book Practice

 The defaults of self indulgence

Maya Weinberg and Lee Meir

PERFORMANCE AND CONCEPT: Lee Méir and Maya Weinberg


ARTISTIC ADVICE: Gretchen Blegen, Keren Ida Natan

LIGHT: Gretchen Blegen

PRODUCTION: The defaults of self indulgence, ausland, Berlin

The Petach Tikva Museum of Art, Israel

The Defaults of Self Indulgence is a partnership between choreographers and performers Lee Méir and Maya Weinberg, who seek to test together the artificiality of the performative situation. They share the same urge to explore the flexibility of the creative mind and to investigate different strategies of transforming boredom and random objects into very successful art.

The Book Practice is an exploration of books as stimulators for action, as a ‘thing’ that is between an object and a container of information and stimuli. The word “practicing” is related to functionality, repetition and progress and specifically to the body in activity. Books are related to information, knowledge, poetics, and the expansion of the mind. The Book practice is an exploration in which we establish a fluid negotiation between books and the “body at work”.

The piece was developed within the residency series at ausland, Berlin, and was then presented as part of the exhibition Biblioligia: The Book as Body, at the Petach Tikva Museum of Art (Israel) in Feb 2016.

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