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In If it´s fun, we force ourselves into a state of hyper-creativity. In a habitat of superabundance and countless possibilities, we yield to a physicality of open links, wandering about and through fragments of texts, movements, upset objects and flickering cultural signposts. This is a starting point for an adventurous voyage into the ambiguous nature of creative processes. We offer you an unfinished analysis of creativity.



The Defaults of Self Indulgence

Maya Weinberg & Lee Méir

Photos: andré lewski

The Defaults of Self Indulgence

is a partnership between choreographers and performers Lee Méir  and Maya Weinberg, who seek to test together the artificiality of the performative situation. They share the same urge to explore the flexibility of the creative mind and to investigate different strategies of transforming boredom and random objects into very successful art.

Performance - Choreography - Stage Design - Costumes:

Lee Méir & Maya Weinberg

Artistic Support: André Lewski

Production: Tanztage Berlin- Sophiensaele, Diver Festival- Tel Aviv

Rehearsal Assistance: Roni Katz

Thanks: André Lewski, Deufert & Plischke, HZT-Berlin


Tanztage 2014, Sophiensaele Berlin

Diver Festival, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art 2014, Tel-Aviv

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