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images: Barbara Antal/Montag Modus klimata

Choreography and Performance: Maya Weinberg

Music: Yaniv Weinberg

Curator: Doron Tavori

Artistic Advisor: Nava Frenkel

Ducomentatiom: Tamar Linder

Production: Voice Of The Word Festival, HA- ZIRA, Performance Art Arena, Alternative platform for innovative creation in Jerusalem, 2009

Dolos Dance Festival, Jaffa, 2012

Montag Modous Klimata #2: This is not about you, Flutgraben Berlin, 2019

HOMONIMI is a solo piece for a performer and two stackable chairs.

Homonym (n): Each of two or more words having the same spelling or pronunciation but different meanings and origins. Origin: Late 17th century; via Latin from Greek homonumon, neuter of homonumos 'having the same name', from homos 'same' + onoma 'name'.


“It's like... like a thick steel blanket, covering anger.”

“ being a king, only the other way around.”

“-It's like a woman with a bag around her head.”


Collected testimonies of different people attempting to describe depression, as well as corresponding excerpts of psychoanalytical and philosophical literature, are the performer's text opening the piece, which is later shifted and transformed into a score and a narrative.

Following Julia Kristeva's description of the “symbolic collapse” related to melancholy in “Black Sun”, HOMONIMI consists of textual, musical, mental and physical loops, gradually reducing the human behavior into its instinctive, conditioned loops of reaction and interpretation. The performer and the chairs shift and switch roles, subjectivity and agency transform and deform – as the hidden mechanism and structure of the body reveals its emotional and mental projections until the loop restarts.

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